Social Sundays: Marbleized paper for Renaissance Journals

Those who stop here often know that my students have been studying the Renaissance.  The students aren't interested in just the big names, you know - Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, but also the every day life.  We have been engaged in activities related to the artists, writers, and thinkers but also to the patrons, the political issues, and the technology of the day.   

Students have engaged in a gallery walk of Renaissance art, completed interactive notebooks as part of our entire study, built domes,  created a comparative timeline and more.

One of the latest, which was super fun and super messy, was marbleized paper, similar to that you would find in Florence (a.k.a. Firenze) that we created in preparation for our Renaissance projects.  

So, for the ambitious you can go to Martha Stewart and make a complicated, although probably more historically accurate, version of marbleized paper.  We opted to go simple with this shaving cream version from the Artful Parent.  Read the full directions on the website.

The result was stunning.  Students discovered different ways to use the paint to make wonderful designs.  This was fantastic kinesthetic, hands-on history.  Students used some of the paper to make the covers for journals as part of their DaVinci studies.

If you have time to incorporate in your own Renaissance study, I highly recommend integrating a little marble paper into your studies.  Talk about authentic learning!

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