Recommended Viewing: Race to Nowhere

I recently viewed Race to Nowhere, a documentary that focuses on the loss of childhood in that rapid race to get into college.  The film argues that as a society, we have an endorsed an education that is about busy work and checking off as many boxes as possible, not on learning or producing passionate individuals.  

While the story from the filmmaker's own life fell flat to me, the quotes from students and researchers brings light to the intense anxiety and stress that our society has placed on students. One student remarks “high school is about learning how to pass tests.”  And another student says “you try to stuff as much information into your brain as possible and as soon as you are done with it, out it goes.” 
 In order to get into to colleges, tells the movie, children must essentially must work at school.   As one student puts it, "The worst thing you can say to a kid is and?” as in what else do you do.  So you do band, and take 4 APs, and volunteer at the hospital, and..."  Extracurriculars are about the college transcript not about becoming a well-rounded individual.  Excellent Sheep makes a similar argument.  

If you are a parent, educator, policy maker, college admissions officer, or caring community member, take the time to see Race to Nowhere.  It takes a village to change the way we raise our children.



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