Math Mondays: Spring Break!

Math Mondays is on Spring Break!  But before I take a break, I leave you with a fun logic problem.  Great for just before and after break.  Cheers!

Here's the problem:  

    Five neighbors are beginning to plant their spring flowers. Each person (Gabe, Hermione, Isaac, Julio and Kate) live in a different colored house and are planting a different flower in their front yard. Using the clues determine who is planting which flower, the color of the house they live in and the house number (2, 4,6,8,10)

     The five people are: Hermione, the one who lives in a white house, the one who lives in house number 4, the one who planted pansies and the one who lives in a yellow house.

The number of the house where lilies were planted is twice the number of the blue house.

Kate lives directly between Isaac’s house and the red house.

Gabe did not plant irises nor does he live in the red house.  He does live in house number 8.

Hermione lives in the red house; she planted petunias.

Of house number 10 and the house where Kate lives, one is blue and the other one is where the irises were planted.
    Isaac lived in house number 2.  Gabe lived in the white house.
This problem comes from the Spring Logic Puzzle set.